Rehearsal shots, The Merchant of Venice

Our Concept

In the spring of 2009, I met with Cody Smolik, an ensemble actress, in a café across from Grand Central. Over a glass of wine, we discussed an exciting idea: given our current resources, could we form a fledgling company of New York City actors dedicated to producing quality audio recordings of scenes from Shakespeare plays? In a city teeming with talents and too few chances to express it, our fantasy soon became a reality.

Our Process

Starting with a few talented colleagues, all professional voice and stage actors, and a script consisting of key scenes from Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Macbeth, we began an informal rehearsal period. We then recorded our work in a professional studio, where music, narration, and text were edited and mixed to produce a Master audio recording.

Using this template, we expanded the text and added a more complete musical score to produce the current version of Macbeth. Our growing ensemble then went on to record Scenes from The Merchant of Venice and Scenes from The Tragedy of Hamlet, all of which are now available free of charge on The Plays page. The recordings are easily downloadable to your iPOD or other electronic device.

Cody comments: “I have enjoyed our relaxed but thorough work process. It is a ‘process’, allowing in-depth exploration of our characters. The group is wonderful to work with.”

Look for an announcement of our next venture on our Facebook page. We welcome your ‘likes’ and comments.

Judy Andraski, Creative Director