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Where students can begin an exciting journey into Shakespeare’s world

Our recordings of scenes from Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, and Macbeth will spark students’ interest in exploring the full plays. The recordings can be used either as part of an established curriculum, to introduce one of the plays, or within the course of study described briefly below.

  • Using the core script of one of our recordings as their base, students work within groups to develop a new script. To expand on a core script, students can add dialogue from the plays, with narration as appropriate, to introduce characters, subplots, scenes, and themes left out of the core script, or to develop existing characters and scenes. Students can follow up their group work with prepared readings of their new scripts for presentation to the class. Time permitting, students may wish to mount a stage production of their new scripts, or perhaps a video or a YouTube presentation.
  • This process will challenge students to dig deeply into the plays. Exchanging ideas with group members to expand on a core script will enhance awareness of the many possibilities for interpretation that the plays offer. Assignments covering some of the myriad topics associated with the plays, such as Shakespeare’s use of blank verse, the history of the plays, Shakespeare’s audience, etc., can be interspersed with the group work at the discretion of the teacher.

Click on the link below for the study kits, which contain the Core Script and Mp3 for each play.