The Tragedy of Macbeth

Our recording of Macbeth focuses on the influence of supernatural creatures on the lives of the characters in the play. Three witches guide Macbeth’s bloody rise to the throne, and instruments of darkness aid Lady Macbeth in her lust for power. In this tale of murder and intrigue, human lives are merely pawns in a treacherous game.

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Scenes from Macbeth             36 min.

The Merchant of Venice

This is a controversial play. It begs a question that has plagued scholars through the ages: “Was Shakespeare anti-Semitic, or simply reflecting the anti-Semitism that was pervasive during his time?” In our recording, we focus on scenes that reveal the humanity of all the characters without shying away from the bigotry of the Christians and the cruelty of Shylock, the Jew.

Scenes from The Merchant of Venice
36 min.

The Tragedy of Hamlet

Hamlet is a character in conflict. His outrage at his mother’s untimely marriage to his newly dead father’s brother is at war with his sense of loss. His poetic, intellectual nature is at odds with his filial duty: to avenge his father’s death. In our recording, we focus on the effect of Hamlet’s increasingly obsessive, erratic behavior on the characters in the play.

Scenes from Hamlet     39 min.